Our dreams and journey of wanting to own and operate a vacation rental began back in 2012 when we used Home Away for the first time. We were actually pretty nervous to rent a stranger's private residence out for an entire week. It seemed a little strange and back then it kind of was!

As the years went on, and our family grew, we started utilizing homes by VRBO annually for family vacations. As a family with young children, and dog owners, we sought out a vacation rental that would accommodate our desires to truly be at home away from home. We wanted comfort, coziness and the ability to cook homemade meals. We wanted to be able to have our pets as well.

Together as a family, we realized how much we appreciated the experiences of traveling, relaxing in the comfort of someone else's space without the stresses and to-do lists of our own home. Every year our children look forward to staying at one of our favorites out on "The Cape" (Cape Cod, MA) or going to our usual spots in New Hampshire. These memories they carry, and the excitement they hold, is all because someone else offered up their property for our family to make memories together.

Hospitality was never something either one of us ever envisioned for our future, but Real Estate itself has been something we have both loved since we bought our first home. Knowing Real Estate is a good investment tool, we always dreamed of owning more than just our primary residence. With two growing children and "retirement" lurking in the background, we started to think about how we would retire and teach generational, financial wisdom to our children outside of college debt and the 9-5 grind. We wanted to show them a different way, that doesn't just allow our family joy, but can also bring joy to others.

Legacies Realty Group LLC was born out of our passion to teach our children that owning income-generating assets gives you the financial freedom to live a life WITH your family. A life where you have the time to build a business together and create memories and experiences.

Our mission at Legacies Realty Group LLC is to not just have a property that is available to rent, but to help create lasting memories and experiences for your families, as we have experienced so many times at someone else's home. We want you to feel comfort and relaxation. We want you to anticipate the memories you will make and the time you will enjoy together.

From a young age Nicole, one of the owners, was taught the words from her Meme, whom she lived with for much of her childhood, "you must know how to receive people" into your home. Between her mother and grandmother, her home was always set just perfectly to make guests feel welcomed and the food was always overflowing. We hope Meme would be proud as we carry her words forward through a legacy of hospitality, not just for our family, but to yours as well.

We hope you feel welcomed and "received" well with Legacies Realty Group LLC homes for generations to come.

Top Picture: 2021 Family Vacation at a VRBO in New Hampshire

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